Tips for Temporary Office Storage

Tips for Temporary Office Storage

Congratulations! You’ve done it. Your office is packed, prepared, and ready to move.

There’s only one problem: your new location isn’t ready for you.

In this post, we’ll look at some helpful tips on storing furniture and supplies during an office move. These include tips on finding alternative storage locations as well as how to make the move easier on the rest of your team.

Consult Your Mover

If your facilities team does not have enough space for your items, inquire with your mover about storage options for your furniture until it’s ready for the new space. At Washington Express Movers we can even arrange pick-up and delivery of your items.

Streamline Your Inventory

Why worry about storage when you can eliminate excess supplies? An office move represents a perfect opportunity to remove outdated furniture or stuff that no longer works. Talk to your project manager about how you can donate or dispose of your unwanted items.

Get Creative

If you’re still waiting on your new location to become available, explore the office for unused storage space you can use for smaller items. For example, a seldom-used conference room may have empty cabinets that can hold supplies. The break room may be a good temporary home for a stack of crates. It’s not ideal but thinking outside the box is sometimes necessary when up against an office move.

If you end up utilizing new parts of the office for storage, make sure to communicate with your team when doing so. You don’t want to surprise anyone by moving supplies or using their personal space without approval.

Hire the Professionals

Investing in professional storage can reduce your stress and give you peace of mind. Stacking things up high on shelves and having cluttered walkways in your office can lead to accidents. Prevent injury to yourself and your employees by storing your items at a warehouse managed by professionals.

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Temporary storage can be a pain to manage, but with a little creativity and collaboration, your team can make it work.

Looking for more great solutions for your upcoming office move? Contact us. We’ll make sure your process is hassle and stress-free.